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What Enrich does?

Adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development. Adolescent’s well-being underpins their ability to learn and develop satisfying relationships and to grow into healthy adults. Enrich was conceived with the idea of tapping this transient phase of a child’s development, which is responsible for shaping one’s personality as an adult. Enrich aims to enhance every child, by mentoring them with guidance and equipping them with skills – Social, Emotional, Academic and Career.

We work towards the well-being of adolescents under four main domains – Social, Emotional, Academic and Career (SEAC Model), making our model unique and holistic in its approach.

  • Social and Emotional: This domain focuses on the different shades of adolescents’ social and emotional development and behaviour.
  • Academic: This domain focuses on the factors responsible for adolescents’ academic success.
  • Career: This domain focuses on aspects related to adolescents’ career planning such as interests, aptitudes, work-values, personal traits and professional skills.


Why Adolescent Well-being? … Why ENRICH?

Adolescence is the developmental period characterized by significant changes in all aspects of a child's development – physical, social, emotional and cognitive. During adolescence individuals acquire new cognitive skills, and become mature in their reasoning and problem solving skills. This is also the phase of identity formation, i.e., the development of a strong and stable sense of self, an individual’s discovery of ‘who am I’ and ‘who will I become’. Marked by such transitions, this phase of development encounters many upheavals, adjustment problems, lack of clarity, dysfunctional thought patterns, and faulty coping mechanisms. Appropriate guidance and mentoring can lead to correction of such patterns and significantly contribute to positive well-being of adolescents and a healthy development of their personality.

We at Enrich believe that every adolescent can develop effective skills for their life, which will equip them to take charge of their own well-being and pave the way for a healthy and positive future.


How ENRICH works?

The programs at Enrich are divided into 3 distinct parts: Mirror, Guidance and Enrichment, for each domain – Social and Emotional, Academic, and Career.

  • Mirror:  Assessment and Screening Tools  
  • Guidance: Online Counselling Programs
  • Enrichment: Programs for Self-Enrichment 

The programs at Enrich are based on an effective structural approach, encompassing a clear understanding of which determinants exist and how they interact, to ensure the delivery of systematic evidence-based guidance and evidence-based computer assisted programs.

Enrich has been designed with a practical and solutions-focused approach, driven towards skill-development. Enrich aims to enhance every adolescent by helping them develop effective social, emotional, academic and career skills ranging from self-awareness and self-reflection to 21-st century skills of problem-solving and critical thinking.


What’s Unique about Enrich!

Everything…. We aspire to be ‘one place all solutions’ for Adolescent Well-being!

  1. Specifically and solely working with Adolescent Well-Being, an ignored area
  2. Systematic approach encompassing - Screening and Assessment, Guidance and Enrichment.
  3. Holistic Approach - Social, Emotional, Academic and Career.
  4. Detailed Feedback on Screening and Assessment.
  5. Expert Recommendations.
  6. Structured and Solution-Focused programs.
  7. Evidence-based programs.
  8. Products developed by licensed and experienced Psychologists.
  9. Guidance by trained Adolescent Mentors.
  10. Eminent and Distinguished Advisory Board.

"It is easier to build up a Child than to repair an Adult" - Anonymous.


Our Services

Mirror - Assessment and Screening Tools

Mirror, just as the name suggests, has been designed to reflect clarity in us about ourselves. The purpose of mirror is to be able to screen and evaluate ourselves, to get a deeper and clearer understanding of ourselves. The mirror comprises of screening tools under different domains that help us to evaluate and reflect upon, and this evaluation comes with a detailed feedback of the findings, including well explained recommendations and suggestions for improvisation. Mirror includes the following domains:

  1. Self-Reflection Mirror
  2. Social and Emotional Mirror
  3. Academic Mirror
  4. Career Clarity Mirror


Guidance - Online Counselling Programs

Enrich’s Online Counselling Programs have been designed to make adolescent guidance services available, accessible, and private for the adolescents in their comfort environment, however, only under the supervision of a parent/guardian. In this attempt, Enrich has initiated to empanel the best experts, having experience and expertise to counsel, guide and support adolescents and parents, and provide assistance on behavioural, academic and career related concerns. Enrich has also developed structured programs to mentor adolescents on skills for social and emotional management (behaviour related concerns) and for academic enhancement. Our Guidance services include:

  1. Online Consultation
  2. Adolescent Mentorship Program
  3. Academic Guidance Program


Enrichment – Programs for Self-Enhancement

Enrich’s programs for adolescent enrichment, are an initiative to bring evidence based technology and skills together, to offer challenging and extensive programs that facilitate adolescent well-being and holistic development. Our programs are designed by licensed psychologists and are supported by scientific evidence, to enhance the overall functioning, including cognitive skills, executive functioning, self-confidence, intrinsic motivation, persistence, etc. Enrichment includes the following:

  1. Enrichment Capsules
  2. Enrichment Programs
  3. Enrichment Workshops


Our Team


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