Adolescents and Anger: The tale of the "Seemingly direct relation"

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than to anything on which it is poured" - Mark Twain


The proverb above, written many decades ago went through the tests of time, and is as luminescent and relevant today as is the importance of food to humans. Neither has changed over the passage of time. It is only because of anger one makes certain decisions, the consequences of which are totally irrevocable and irreplaceable.





Adults, Adolescents or even children per se are also often deceived by anger. Some may get angry over the smallest of issues and some on the other hand may not even get perturbed by the biggest of concerns. Many a times in a quest to be independent and being on one own self one takes decisions which might not be prudent or rational. When things don't work in the manner expected, the frustration increases leading to the most obvious outcome which is nothing but anger.


While there is absolutely no harm in being independent and trying to work and sort things on one's own self, but should there be a situation where guidance is required, one should never refrain from seeking the same from elders. A right advice at the nick of time may help one avoid many steps in wrong direction. Any change is unwelcome, at least in the "initial phase". The same goes for teens and adolescents as well. The transition from being a child to being an adolescent is usually not a cakewalk. There are a host of biological, mental and physical transformations which take place in one's life. While some accept the changes readily and are able to carry on their activities normally, there are some who are not able to do the same. This leads to frequent changes in mood and behavior which becomes a cause of concern for everyone concerned.


What needs to be understood is that parents should be proactive in understanding that the transition from a child to an adolescent is not an easy one, and coping mechanism of one person might be different from the other. Rather than being irritated or angry, they should try to develop a relationship of trust and understanding with their child. This would help the child understand and accept themselves in a better manner, results of which would be lesser frustration and anger.


The same goes for teachers as well. Just as a bad day at home or a preoccupied mind is a barrier for them also to teach to the best of their abilities, in the same manner an adolescent mind filled with a plethora of thoughts is not able to concentrate and perform to the best of their abilities. But at the same time the adolescents also need to understand that venting out anger of their own issues on others will never help. Not listening to their parents, slamming doors on face of others and lashing out on all those concerned will only and only lead to one thing which is scarred relationships, the scars of which might never get faded even despite of best efforts.


Apart with the recent incident of students killing their teacher, serious concerns arise in one's mind related to the sanity of our current generation, as the very own hands which nurture the tender saplings are getting slaughtered mercilessly by the wood burgeoned from these very "grown trees".