The Admission Saga

Gone are the days when getting their child enrolled into a school was a memory filled with happiness and joy.

Everything circled around making arrangements for school bag, uniform and transportation.

Limited options and faith in the school next door made it obvious choices for parents to get their child enroll in the same.

But as the wheel of time made things complex across all domains, the temples of education were also not spared.

Nowadays getting a child enrolled in a school sometimes is far difficult than zeroing down on the home of your dreams or switching job across a different nation.

The latter may still have some options to soothe your stress but the former gets stiffer and stiffer.

While the parents are busy deciding on which day can be skipped to apply in a particular school,

not to forget the exhaustive list which is ready before hand and at minimum is 20 school long in case the parents are being humble and modest.


The parameters are more exhaustive than an ITR Return and any fault could lead to one dream school getting off the list.

And if at all you are lucky enough to convert the school of your choice, follows the complexity of further course of action.

The essence and purity attached with schools of yesteryears has been replaced by grandeur or pride today.

In majority of cases it is the fee structure/branding which act as the deciding factors,

which on the contrary in yesteryears was the experience of the principal or other persons at the helm of affairs.


Projectors have replaced blackboards and the weight of school bags has increased at inverse proportion.

The lower the class/standard the heavier the school bag.

No doubt technology has made certain processes smoother and simpler and with more resources the choices which can be considered are far more, number of schools which are coming up each year are also increasing,

but there lies still a lot of scope for improvement and betterment to ensure passing down of sweet memories related to admission in school for each parent in times to come.