The winds of change: Parent & Child Relationship

"Your Children need your PRESENCE, More than your PRESENTS" -Jesse Jackson

The word "parent/s" brings the feeling of warmth, love and compassion to almost anyone and everyone. Mention the word and even the toughest of bosses, political czars, business tycoons, doctors and lawyers of repute to superb bankers, all feel something deep inside, no matter how prudent, rational or confident they may be. It is natural for anyone to feel this way because one can let go of anything, yes anything, but how can one let go of the main source behind their very existence in this world. And this makes parents so special to each one of us. No matter where I go, whom I meet and what I do, but till I don't get back to my parents at the end of the day and get a mere sight of them, the day can never be called done and complete.

The same goes for parents as well. No matter how difficult their child may be, or how many arguments may crop on the dinner table on the most trivial of issues, but still deep down the heart each parent loves their child to the extent of infinity.


With the passage of time things have become convoluted and the same goes for relationships. In the past raising three to four kids never made one fetter or wink an eye, but now raising even one seems a big responsibility. Maybe the options were limited and so were the avenues, but now things have changed. There are a zillion options available to choose from be it a water bottle or a university. Apart jobs were less strenuous and demanding, the laptops had not forayed into our lives, let alone smartphones,and the never ending mails were only best kept in the office drawers. Now things have changed radically. Dinner table discussions have been superseded by the endless mails discussing pointers for the board presentation next week, home cooked food is replaced by the Chinese platter (God bless the new Chinese outlet next door) and if one is lucky enough, there is the humble cook who at the drop of the hat makes decent Lasagne, Pad Thai or our very own paneer butter masala.


The ever long waiting and longing for getting the same bicycle (as that of the next door neighbour) on birthday is now replaced by getting that latest smartphone before the immediate next day out with friends. Parents had more time on their sleeves those days which now seem to have slowly been replaced by monetary comforts. Parents knew by heart the dates of the upcoming examinations of their child, as well as the syllabus covered and remaining, which now is best known by the specific tutor. The only information to be retained is the account details of the same sir/mam.


Weekend getaways to the farmhouse have been replaced by bi-annual vacations to exotic locales. The longing for that favourite dress from the friendly aunty's shop in the neighbourhood market is now replaced by one from that exquisite foreign outlet in the mall on the posh street. The famous idiom Money makes the world go Round holds good here as well. No matter what has changed over the years and what has not, but one thing which has changed is more influx of money or related resources and lesser influx of time. One should always remember and understand that presence cannot be replaced by presents. The more the involvementand time devoted on one's child, the better will be the results, which might not be visible in the shorter horizon but will definitely show their difference and impact in times to come.