Mr. Elayaraja Balraj (Counselling Psychologist),Tamilnadu

Mr. Elayaraja Balraj

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Counselling Psychologist

Mr. B. Elayaraja has done Master of philosophy in Psychology. He is a Post-Graduate in Psychology and also holds a post-graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counseling, Hospital Administration, in Mental Health Services. He is also certified in Marriage Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Health and Hygiene. He has many years of experience in De addiction, Psycho-Pedagogy, Depression, anxiety, marital distress, family distress, stress management, Psychosis management, childhood related problems, Concentration issues, cognitive retraining, sleep-wake distress, suicide thought, Job-Burnouts, lack of motivation, trauma and Psychosexual counseling. He is the proprietor of Kavithalayaa Counseling Centre, Ambattur, Chennai-53. He serves as an •Membership in Association of Indian Psychologist, Chennai. •Joint Secretary in Chennai Association of Psychologist, Chennai. •Membership in International Association of Holistic Psychology, Tiruppur. He works as Consultant in 104 Health help line, Caterpillar, Helping hand foundation Trust. He has presented 2 papers on Assessment of depression among type 2 diabetic patients with complications and without complications (Published in International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries-July-September 2015-35(3):310-313) and Positive effects of counseling on smoking cessation among subjects with type 2 diabetes. He has conducted various training programme/ workshop on Mind management, Time management, Tobacco and its effects, Psychosocial challenges and coping among adolescent, Emotion Management for flood related distress, Life skills, communication skill, suicide prevention, Tobacco cessation programme, Life style management, Emotional intelligence at work, Psychological treatment for diabetic patients consuming alcohol, Psychological care in type 2 DM Patients. He Appeared on Television and FM Radio Programs: •Presented an article in Dinamalar on the Topic of MARITAL DISTRESS published on 14th September 2016( •Article on never say die: •Presented an article in Dinamalar on the Topic of PSYCHO SOMATIC ILLNESS published on 10th August 2016( •Presented an article in Deccan Chronicle on the topic of EMOTIONAL CLIMATE AT HOME DEFINES CHILD’S BEHAVIOUR IN PUBLIC published on July 16th 2016 ( •Appeared on KARKA KASADARA(01/02/2016) at Puthiya Thalamurai on topic of Management of examination anxiety and coping strategies.- •Appeared on KARKA KASADARA(24/02/2015) at Puthiya Thalamurai on topic of Management of examination related distress and coping strategies.-http://youtube/kPFMx_oKh2c •Appeared on BIG FM -92.7 for Handling of examination result related distress 0n 6th May 2015 •Appeared on A DEBATE OFFERING INSIGHTS FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES REGARDING THE + 2 RESULTS (07/05/2015) at Puthiya Thalamurai - •Appeared on RADIO ONE FM -94.3 for Handling of examination result related distress 0n 8th May 2015.


  •  Anger Management
  •  Stress Management
  •  Personality Development
  •  Negative Thinking
  •  Academic Issues

Mode Of Counselling

Counselling in language

Professional Details

Company Name Date From Date To Designation
Manasha De- addiction Centre/PCI 01 July 2004 30 October 2005 Counsellor
Adhiparasakthi College of Education 30 January 2006 30 September 2008 Psychology lecturer
M V Hospital for Diabetes and Research Centre 10 September 2008 07 May 2011 Asst HOD and Psychologist
Trimed 13 May 2011 06 May 2014 Counseling Psychologist & Centre head

Educational Qualification

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