Events at ENRICH

Meet for School Counsellors & School Psychologists: 

"Exploring new approaches in School Counselling: Social and Emotional Skill Development and Academic Guidance using Mindfulness"
The purpose of this meet was to explore new approaches in school counselling, and introducing Social and Emotional Skill Development and Academic Guidance using Mindfulness. In attendance were counsellors from leading schools like Maxfort, Mater Dei, St. Thomas and Shreeji International. Independent professionals who are working in the area of adolescent well-being were also present, making this event extremely enriching and encouraging. School Counsellors play an extremely significant role during a student's schooling and are an important point of contact between the student, the parents and the administration. With the varied experiences shared by the participants, it was evident that the level of involvement of school counsellors with students and their parents has increased manifolds in comparison to the last decade.
But with this comes the challenge of providing sufficient time and quality services to each student, which is quite an impossible task given the skewed student-counsellor ratio. Another important point covered was the impact of demographic difference on the perceptions of the parents and their expectations from their children.
It is evident that in some schools, meeting the counsellor is still subjected to a questionable stance, especially by the peers, which can sometimes act as a great hindrance. Often an adolescent needs the guidance of a mentor or an expert on various problems of their social-emotional-academic-career life. If such hindrances are removed, then one would easily be able to seek guidance and resolve issues, which inturn would enhance their performance and focus on various other aspects of their life. 

Team Enrich at Shaheed Captain Sanjeev Dahiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya

Enrich's Association with 'Shaheed Captain Sanjeev Dahiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya' started in the form of a journey, fuelled with aspirations, to contribute towards the betterment of the young budding talent of tomorrow. This was Enrich's first experience with the enthusiastic adolescents and the time invested in nurturing these young minds was extremely empowering for us at Enrich, our motivation and the zeal to start this journey of adolescent well-being. 
Enrich conducted a workshop with students from standard IXth - XIIth  on:
  • Stress Management 
  • Time Management
  • Emotion Management 
  • Confidence Building 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Career Clarity 
The workshop was conducted at the school premises with these students from different standards across class XIth to XIIth. All themes centered on using Mindfulness and equipping these students with skills to manage their daily affairs effectively. 
The workshop was aimed at benefitting students through the knowledge and collective wisdom of the team members of Enrich, helping them realize that their dreams can definitely turn into reality once they understand, and begin to build skills to achieve them.

Team ENRICH at the Indian Education Congress-2016 

Team Enrich was a live witness to the grand event named as Indian Education Congress-2016 organized by Franchise India. The Conference was a two day affair organized at the lavish Taj Vivanta Surajkund. It entailed speakers from illustrious institutions like Delhi University, Oxford University, Mr.Shiv Khera and Industry and Academia.


Dr. Dinesh Singh Ex Vice Chancellor Delhi University gave his valuable insight on how the education system needs to be upgraded citing at the same time examples of great universities like Nalanda, Takshila and others. He also emphasized on the use of Practical applications of concepts to help in increasing the knowledge. How a series of online tutoring on Calculus spread over six sessions,delivered by him in 1992, made with the help of just two cameras on Doordarshan, helped millions of students across the country overcome their problems on the not-so-easy topic. He further went on to remiscise that there were bag full of letters which flew in from all across the country asking rather demanded the same to be continued further.






In today's era of technology such seminars can achieve success for students if undertaken properly. Terry Watts (International Director-Active Learning, City of Oxford College U.K.) highlighted that Education and Colleges are the powerhouse of any Economy. He further went on to highlight that empowering people and making them enterprising is the need of the hour. Oxford College has carefully understood the changing needs of industry and their courses are designed keeping the same in mind, thus enabling them to offer specific and cutting edge courses that are highly specialized, their courses are designed keeping in mind the needs of the same thus offering courses that are highly specialized, earning them the distinction of being the only college in UK to do the same.


One parameter which came out very evidently in all the panel discussions was that the curriculum needs to be upgraded in a major way. The pre-formed silos of subject clusters are not doing much good today than what they did in the past. This is also true for obvious reasons that the technology in the past was not as developed and advanced to facilitate various mediums of learning. Information procurement and processing and was relatively slow. But today, let alone any subject, but even for each parameter or topic, the abundance of information provided is absolutely flabbergasting.


One of the main reason of development of the economy and education system in the formative years of history was role and importance of teachers in the society and respect which was given to them. Today the scenario has changed and we need to get back on the track as far as when it comes to giving value and most importantly empowering teachers to become the change makers which would be beneficial for the society now and in the years to come. To sum it up, I can only think of one very famous Chinese proverb, which caught my attention while it was being shared by one of the speakers highlighting the importance of Education in the most beautiful manner:-

 "If you are planning for a year, sow rice;

If you are planning for a decade, plant trees;

But, if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."