Q. What is Enrich about?
A. Enrich is an online platform which is designed to help adolescents (and their parents or even teachers) find resolution to or enhance various aspects relevant to their life, under the domains of Social-Emotional Development, Academics, and Career. Enrich has encapsulated a comprehensive model to do this - The 'SEAC' Model - Social Emotional Academic Career - related skill development for the well-being of Adolescents. 
Enrich facilitates this through tools for self-assessment (MIRROR), by providing online guidance and counselling (GUIDANCE) and by various self-enhancement programs (ENRICHMENT) to improve cognitive abilities, enhance aptitudes and develop 21st century skills.

Q. How are these 3 services inter-connected?
A. Enrich has these 3 services because they are very much inter-connected and they were found to be necessary to support the process of change. Mirror - to know where one stands, to understand what needs improvement and to gain clarity about of one's strengths, weaknesses, abilities and skills; Guidance to seek resolution on a problem, counselling on a concern, or incorporate the develomment of skills that are found to beinadequate; and enrichment to consolidate and strengthen these skills by practicing them in a virtual reality space. Hence, the 3 services are interconnected and would yield maximum benefit if taken in succession.

Q. Which age group does Enrich cater to?
A. Enrich specifically caters to Adolescents, that is the age group between 11-19 years, keeping its focus on the specific concerns that are encountered by this age group and parents whose children are progressing through this transient phase of their development.

Q. What is Mirror?
A. Mirror, is the screening and assessment tool. It helps to assess and identify current functioning. It has 4 sub-types each catering to specific domains of Adolescent life. 

1. Self-Reflection: It helps one to gain more knowledge about oneself, and also open an avenue to reflect within. Since Self-Reflection is an extremely important life-skill to develop, this tool is made compulsory and also freely accessible to any adolescent. Reflection (and awareness) is the first step to change.

2. Social-Emotional: To help adolescents gain clarity about their social-emotional functioning, understand relationship with others, family and peer relations, stress management and coping skills. This is very relevant to adolescents who need guidance of developing social and emotional skills (handling peers, bullys, being assertive, solving problems, managing stress, etc.) and who seem to have behavioral problems in the context of family, peers or school.

3. Academic: This helps adolescents to understand where they lie in their current academic skills and which skills need improvement, which will inturn enhance their academic performance.

4. Career Clarity: This is a very specifically designed tool for career clarity for adolescents seeking career guidance. It includes all aspects for career assessment, one's interests, personal traits and skills, work values and aptitudes. After assessing all these, it helps one get clarity about which career cluster is best suited through a self-guided search. Career Clarity uses the the DAT (Differential Aptitude Test)- powered by Pearson, which is one of the only standardized tool available for Online use to assess aptitude. This makes the Career Clarity Mirror, very sound in the results it provides.

Q. How does the Enrichment work?
A. Enrichment includes various evidence-based computerized self-enhancement programs for enriching one's cognitive functions (such as working-memory, attention and concentration) like Cogmed (powered by Pearson), enhancing aptitudes (such as maths, verbal reasoning, critical thinking) like Aptence, and develop 21st century skills (such as critical thinking and problem solving) like Callido.

Q. How can enrich help in improving self-confidence of an adolescent?
A. Enrich aims to help every adolescent become a better version of themself. Enrich helps at all 3 levels, first, to identify where the lapses lie, second, to provide guidance and skills to rectify the lapses, and to enhance and practice these skills using structured programs. Self-confidence issues can be a result of either deficits in social and emotional skills, academic performance or feeling unequipped to handle stresses of life. Mirror (Social and Emotional/Academic) will help to assess, Guidance (Adolescent Mentorship Program/Academic Guidance Program) will help to develop skills and Enrichment (Callido/Cogmed/Aptence) will strengthen these skills through practice. 

Q. What is Adolescent Mentorship ProgramTM?
A. Adolescence is a very sensitive stage of a child's development. Many problems of adulthood can be averted if children in this phase of their development can acquire effective skills for developing a healthy identity and later an integrated personality as an adult. All adolescents can enhance themselves by developing effective Social-Emotional skills which are most important life-skills to acquire. Every adolescent can be mentored to become a better version of them. The Adolescent Mentorship Program (AMP) is very scientifically developed program by experienced and licensed clinical psychologists at Enrich, encompassing all aspects of social and emotional skill development of Adolescents. This program will be delivered by 'Adolescent Mentors' trained at Enrich. The program will assess the adolescent's functioning using the Social and Emotional Mirror, followed by a series of 12-sessions, covering mindfulness.

Q. Why do we need Adolescent Mentorship Program when we can have online sessions?
A. Adolescent Mentorship Program is a structured program that has been made by experienced adolescent clinical psychologist at Enrich, focusing on developing social and emotional management skills in adolescents. Each session has an agenda and a guideline that make it very comprehensive and efficacious program. 

Q. Can anadolescent avail these services without parent's consent or involvement?
A. No,these services must be availed after parental consent. Enrich would like to emphasize that unless an adolscent is above the age of 18 years, one needs to take parental consent before utilizing the services offered by us. In case, there are any concerns, one can always get in touch with our experts over email, to clear doubts and assist you for the best alternative solution.

Q. After taking assessments can I consult my teachers for their guidance?
A. Surely, Mirror offers comprehensive screening and assessments reports, and is very complete, substantive, and at the same time easy to comprehend. One can surely consult teachers, parents and other elders regarding the same.

Q. How are the enrichment sessions planned and is there a fixed time slot within which one should complete their sessions?
A. Although we suggest that one should fix a time slot for the Enrichment Program as it shall ensure continuity and stable completion, but there is no sacrosanct requirement to take the same on a fixed time. These can be scheduled according to one's convenience.Each program has a validity with in which one can use it to one's convenience and satisfaction.

Q. What are the 3 Enrichment programs? How do they differ?
A. Enrichment programs include the evidence-based software programs for skill development. There are 3 programs that focus on different skills. 

1. Cogmed- Powered by Pearson, it helps in enhancing working memory, which is a significant cognitive skill needed for academic success and general cognitive abilities. This is a 5-week program that comes with a validity of 1 year. 

2. Aptence- This is an aptitude development tool designed to build logic, math, and vocabulary. This comes with a validity of 3 months and can be used daily for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

3. Callido- It is a Program that utilizes real-life scenarios to develop 21st century skills of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity and imagination. It is a designed module that the user can complete at their own convenience, and canbe practiced any number of times with a validity of 1 year. 

Q. How is online consultation different from online counselling?
A. The online consultation offered by Enrich can be utilised by either Adolescents or their parents for guidance on specific concerns, e.g., parenting issues, argument with a peer about something, career counseling on the Career Clarity, guidance on choice of subjects, clarity on academic concerns, etc. Online consultation does not focus on skill development but more on specific concerns. 

Q. Is online counselling just as beneficial as offline counselling?
A. Firstly, the Online Counselling programs offered by Enrich involves a series of sessions which make it different from just online consultation. Secondly, intoday's scenario, having online sessions by trusted mentors and experts at one's convenience, privacy and comfort, is extremely viable for any adolescent and parent. We at Enrich, have tried to encapsulate all the benefits of offline counselling, allowing for saving time and most importantly overcoming the hesitation that many teenagers encounter in the offline process. 

Q. What if one is not sure if his/her problems are big enough to seek services at Enrich?
A. This is a very important part to be addressed. Enrich is a platform for Adolescent well-being. We focus our services on enhancement and skill development. The products have been developed with the sole purpose of enrichment and every adolescent can benefit from them, depending on where they find a scope of improvement. No adolescent should believe that they have a problem if they are seeking services at Enrich. Enrich provides guidance and counselling for Well-being and Enrichment.

Q. How can Cogmed help in enhancing memory?
A. Cogmed is a well-known product from Pearson. Cogmed being one of their prime offerings has been designed in the most effective way to help any adolescent/individual in enhancing their working memory capacity and other associated cognitive abilities. Pearson provides substantial evidence to support the efficacy of Cogmed. Making a comparison between different individuals will not be rational as efficacy depends on various intervening factors.

Q. How does Enrich help one gain more clarity on which career path to choose?
A. Enrich allows students/adolescents to gain clarity about their career choice by helping them narrow down career options to one/few career clusters, which enables them to be more guided about the stream, the educational courses, and the skills that they will need, to progress further towards the career that is best suited to their interest.