Mirror: Assessments and Screening Tools

"A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory." -Arthur Golden


Self-Reflection is a mirror to the self. It helps us understand ourselves, understand our interests, our beliefs, our likings, and reflect on our achievements and what we would like to improve upon. With Self-Reflection comes greater Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation. The purpose is simple; to stop, think and reflect!


We believe, self-reflection is the first step to change, hence, this is a freely available mandatory tool.



Social and Emotional

Social and Emotional Mirror helps us to understand our social and emotional responses and coping behaviours in different contexts, and reflect on where we might need improvement in our responses and how we can cope better with difficult situations in our lives. It is designed for adolescents facing difficulty in adjustment with their environment, which may show up as social and emotional behavioural problems. Social and Emotional Mirror has been designed to help us reflect on our actions, learn what we can modify, and how we can improve our coping.


Social and Emotional Mirror includes the following tools:

  1. Attitude and Behaviour Scale - Social
  2. Attitude and Behaviour Scale - Emotional
  3. Locus of Coping




Academics, which forms a major part of an adolescent’s life, contributes significantly to the well-being of the adolescent. So many times, we find ourselves making all the effort, but are unable to see the results. This could be related to deficiencies in a number of factors, not really the effort. Sadly, we are never guided about checking what might be going wrong. The Academic concerns mirror screens various domains that can contribute to academic problems in an adolescent. Once we get an insight into the issue, it is always easier to work upon it and enhance our potential.

The Academic includes the following tools:

  1. Study Skills Inventory
  2. Attention Issues Inventory
  3. Working Memory Screening Tool
  4. Learning Preference Scale



Career Clarity

Occupational success is something every adolescent dreams of, whether it stems from being a professional, an entrepreneur, or choosing any other vocation. However, the biggest challenge is to choose an occupation that is a good match between one’s personal traits, one’s interests, one’s aptitude, one’s work values, and also one’s skills. At this stage of life, an adolescent cannot make a career decision; however, can definitely get extreme clarity on the cluster of careers that might suit his/her personal traits, interests, aptitude, values and skills. The Career clarity mirror has been especially designed to serve this purpose. To enable the adolescent to reflect on his professional options as clusters, keeping their horizons wide and open, through a process of self-directed search that ultimately narrows down to a better understanding of a future career, that matches all parameters that are significant to the adolescent.

The Career Clarity includes the following tools:

  1. Career Cluster Interest Inventory (Personal Traits, Interests, Skills)
  2. Differential Aptitude Test (Powered by Pearsons, India)
  3. Work Values Inventory
  4. Self-Directed Search