Negative Thinking

During adolescence, positive thinking plays a major role in healthy identity formation. Positive thinking in adolescence may make life more manageable and smooth for them. It enables the adolescents to develop the strength to deal with life's challenges and also may ease the pressures and difficulties associated with growing up. Developing an optimistic outlook through positive thinking may be good for an adolescent's physical and mental health. Adolescents may perform better when they feel and think positive. Positive self-talk is very important for an adolescent to have a positive attitude and thinking towards life.
Following may be the reasons due to which adolescents may have negative thoughts:
  • Too much criticism
  • Low academic performance in school
  • Peer pressure to perform well in every field
  • Disturbed atmosphere at home
  • Experiencing the feeling of dejection from the environment 
  • Mismanagement of time in day to day life
Parental support and guidance is of utmost importance in an adolescent's life to lead a positive and healthy life ahead. The following tips may help the parents to inculcate positive attitude in their adolescents. 
1. Being a good role model, as a parent's thinking process immensely impacts the child's thinking process. 
2. Converting the adolescent's negative thoughts into realistic positive thoughts.
3. Creating a positive and open communication environment at home.
4. Providing adolescents plenty of affection in the form of kind words, hugs, and pats on the back.
5. Helping adolescents develop hobbies to increase their self-confidence.
6. Encouraging journal writing to keep track of accomplishments.
7. Teaching the adolescent to monitor their inner monologues so as to keep a check on their negative self-talk.
8. Giving honest feedback and guidance on improvement, while encouraging self-acceptance and self-respect. 
9. Being cautious about being critical, judgmental, or defensive while conversing with the adolescent child. 
10. Seeking help from trained professionals and experts to learn techniques to counteract negative thought process and develop a positive attitude.
"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will"-Zig Ziglar